Massasoit Amateur Radio Association
Field Day 2000
June 24-25, 2000
Picture Page 2

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     Carl N1FYZ and Don NN1D planning their attack on the World of Wonderful Hams.

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      Weekend Home of N1EDM                                       Sammie and Gene and Gil

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      Mark, Sammie and Gene                                          The wonderful power plants.

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         Bob and Gil checking out APRS                             Carl and Don putting up Gil's antennas.

FD2000_33.jpg (22625 bytes)      FD2000_34.jpg (11527 bytes)

          Ed and Chief John                                             Myron and Carl doing something.

FD2000_35.jpg (17608 bytes)      FD2000_36.jpg (17021 bytes)

       Bob spending prime time at FD home.                      Carl spending prime time at his FD home.

FD2000_37.jpg (19313 bytes)       FD2000_38.jpg (16859 bytes)

 The old brass pounder himself.                                           Brass pounder resting.

FD2000_40.jpg (20131 bytes)       FD2000_39.jpg (13000 bytes)

      Well Don Saturdays plan didn't work.                         Old Colony Family Y at E. Bridgewater