Fall Frolic 2000
Road Race
Family "Y"
East Bridgewater, MA

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Carl N1FY setting up 'CONTROL CENTRAL'       Look out Carl here comes Gary WA1CIM.

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Hi Gary the race will start in a few moments.             Youngsters race course over the rolling hills.

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The Smith Farm Store.                                        Halloween display at Smith Farm

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More of the Smith Farm.                                        Control Point #1 at Smith Farm

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Walt N1LHD and Bruce NI1X                                Ed WA1HIH and Myron N1XJK

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Bob KA1KZA 'Bring 'em on'                                   Chris N1WWI ready at his intersection.

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Roy KB1CYV 'Sorry I woke you Roy'.                          Bob N1EDM ready and awaiting.

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Joe W1JOE waiting for the leaders.                        Charlet N1VQZ and her buddy K9PUP

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Joe W1JOE 'Here they come'.                                                    First the runners.

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And some more runners.                                        Come on Charlet lets catch up. We are almost there.