May 2019 - World War II Aviation Radios by W1EKG

Ross W1EKG presented on World War II Aviation radios at the May 2019 MARA meeting

Photos courtesy Richard AG1B





From left to right: BC-348R receiver which was used throughout most of WWII in all of the larger aircraft including the B-17,B-24,B-25 etc.
R-105/ARR-15 receiver with auto-tune was aminly used with the ART-13 in the B-29's and many more aircraft after the war.
Dynamotor for the ART-13, converts 28 volts DC to 1200 and 600 DC
ART-13 also known as the ATC or T-47 transmitter, mostly used in the B-29 during WWII and many SAC aircraft after the war.
ARC-5 receiver used in most WWII aircraft as liason or plane to plane communications.
ARC-5 Transmitter used with ARC receiver
BC-375 transmitter widely used during the war in larger aircraft for air to ground communications.
ATD transmitter, an alternative transmitter to the ART 13 was clumsy to use and not as widely used as the other transmitters.